Top Eleven released a new redeem code but I also decided to write more about this and tell you when you can find more.     


Before I start I want to inform you that the code from the thumbnail is expired and isn’t working anymore so you have no reason to try the code but you can use this one which should work if you haven’t activate already: WeCare2016 .






There’s just one code for the moment but I have strong reasons to believe that many more will come sooner and is very possible next one to be in 1 month.

To understand better the redeem codes, we must understand better when Top Eleven release these codes.


Top Eleven release the redeem code only at very important events like World Cup, El Classico, Champions League, Special events and when their partners play.


Now that we know in big lines when they release the redeem code, let’s see what’s next in football word because this year is a very big one.


  • El Clasico – The main even between clubs in the world and is very likely to have a code for this event.
  • Champions League –  We are not far away from the last game games from Champions League and is very possible to see some new codes, especially for semi-finals or final game.
  • Summer Olympics – Another big even in football world and again is very possible to have codes for this event.
  • Copa América Centenario – More then sure we will have some redeem codes for this anniversary edition of Copa América and if we remember good, last year we had some redeem codes at Copa América.
  • EURO 2016 – 100% sure they will release few codes for this main event of the year.


More then this, if Top Eleven will release some new features is also possible to give us some free redeem code which would be great for everyone.


I’m looking always for the new codes to share with you and the best thing you can do is to check from time to time, the special page I created for redeem codes: TOP ELEVEN FREE REDEEM CODES .


I also create a new video to show you how to activate the redeem codes in the new version of the game.


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  1. the link you have is redirecting in this post again.
    Maybe you wanted to put a link from another older post about redeem codes you have ?

      • Hey Admin,
        Date for code “WeCare2016” shows 02/03/2015 instead of 02/03/2016 on the redeem code page.
        Please correct it as many people might not use it thinking it is an old code.

    • Din pacate nu, dar pe viitor o sa apara mai multe in special ca in curand o sa inceapa multe competitii mari, plus finalul din Europa League si Champions League.

  2. great work on the page 😉
    i went to the external url you provided
    but lots of those codes are either expired or not working


    08/04/2015 – 5 green boosters – “MATIC” (WORKS)
    08/04/2015 – 5 green boosters – “TE54783” (WORKS)

    08/22/2015 – 2 blue boosters + 2 red boosters + 1 green booster – “Copa90”(WORKS)

    10/21/2015 – 5 blue boosters + 5 green boosters + 5 red boosters – “TE23APO53”(EXPIRED)

    02/03/2015 – 5 blue boosters + 5 green boosters + 5 red boosters – “WeCare2016”(WORKS)


    08/04/2015 – 5 tokens – “GOAL4375T” (INVALID CODE)

    maybe time to update that 😉 i hope there will be new VALID codes soon since i’m having a mayor injury problem and im not gonna pay for a player thats been injured for 14days

    • Multumesc. Am scris aici aproximativ cand o sa apara, probabil in perioada campionatelor internationale care o sa inceapa in aceasta vara.

  3. Salut băieți….sunt un mare fan top eleven deși am 30 ani dar joc din 2008 aceste joc dar nu știam de codurile astea.administrator ținemă și pe mine la curent cu codurile astea….zimi te rog Cum le fac rost.Mersi frumos

    • Salut Vali, esti sigur ca din 2008? Jocul a fost lansat in 9 mai 2010. Oricum referitor la aceste coduri, acestea sunt lansate de cei care fac jocul cand se intampla vreun eveniment major in lumea fotbalului iar momentan nu sunt altele noi, cum o sa apara, eu o sa le postez.

  4. Salut.
    da ai dreptate în legătură cu data scuze chiar nu am zis sa mint,numai k nu am fost atent joc din 07.03.2011….ps Mersi de detalii te aștept cu mare drag cu coduri noi.

  5. Salut admin din nou….Am o rugăminte,lămurește mă si pe mine ce se întâmplă cu top terminat pe locul 6 și am trecut la nivelul următor dar jucători au scăzut ca valoare cei de 117% au ajuns sa aibă 87% dc? Deși sunt jucători de 22, 23 ani.iar la transferuri nu găsesc la licitație jucători mai mari de 99% ce se întâmplă.mă face sa mă las de joc deși joc de ceva timp.

    • Calitatea in procente e raportata la nivelul curent. Calitatea se masoara in puncte si daca verifici a ramas aceasi, nu scade niciodata, doar creste.

  6. One of my players quality is 110% in last session and his level was 27. But in the session quality decrease and become 90% and the level is same But why ??? This happen for all the upgraded players.
    Plzz give me a solution.

  7. Salut. Am şi eu o întrebare. Ştiu deja ce se întâmplă cu jucătorii atunci când avansezi în liga următoare. Dar… ce se întâmplă cu ei atunci când retrogradezi o ligă?
    Mulţumesc anticipat

  8. am o problema,am reinstalat windowsul si nu mai pot urmari top eleven in noul format,i-mi spune si mie cineva de ce?

    • Mai exact ce eroare iti da? Vezi sa ai ultima versiune de browser, altfel s-ar putea sa nu-ti mearga.

  9. Hi guys i’m very glad to play on topeleven for thé first time. But these codes you showed didnt work for me. Please Can someone (Admin or any other…) help me to add tokens and money to my account…

  10. i have i phone 4s more than 6 mounths i have evry day 5 tokens for free but since 5 mounths i dont have it can you help me were is the problem or the offfer is end thanks^please answer me

  11. plz help me my balance -8.96 i sell all players and i have 2 day(s) restore balance help my team QARABAĞ FK plz i need cush

  12. I need Token, almost all my players has retired, I need to sign new players… help me out admin…. my Team name is Qudus FC

  13. Salut! De ce când începe un sezon nou jucători mei apar mai slabi dar când mă uit la echipa mea de pe contul unui prieten îmi arată jucători așa cum erau înainte de noul sezon. Desi se vede că nu mai au același valoare, fiindcă pierd sau fac egal cu echipe pe care în sezonul trecut la învingem cu 4-5:0?

  14. Yesterday token I lost in the 64 auctions.
    The defeated auction. Now , I have a 1 token.
    I need token. Please give a code me.

    Facebook : HunDokgu Zaa
    ID Topeleven : 1486778642

    ….Thank you very much….

  15. Nu pot sa mai cumpar tokeni . Am depasit o data limita de bani pe care am avuto pe card si de atunci nu mai pot sa cumpar . Contul de top eleven e pe facebook-ul danut marius . Evhipa se numeste hamaradia.

  16. Salut dece nu we face jocul cane band in jucator sa primesc jumate din jetoanele care se liciteaza penteu el . cred can at fi de accord cu mine mai multi jucatori top eleven

    • Deoarece codurile sunt vechi deja. De regula codurile au doar o perioada foarte scurta de timp in care functioneaza.

  17. Bonjour
    Est ce que je pourrais avoir un code nordeus pour avoir des token et de l’argent
    Merci à vous

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