New Update – 23 May

Top Eleven released a new update today and it would bring new things in-game but also some quick fixes.


With today update we will have a new competition in-game but it’s gonna be something brand new and time-limited. For the moment Top Eleven didn’t shared any new information about this subject but they promised to do it early next week, I do assume after the new season starts.





There was also a small visual update in the game on the transfer auction market and now we can see again the ability of the players. A small quick fix but a very useful one.


This is the full statement from Top Eleven regarding the new update and we also invite you to join the discussion on the official forum:

Hi Managers,


On May 23rd we released Top Eleven version 5.7 on all platforms: iOS, Android and web-browser. We bring some news, improvements and bug fixes to our Managers and below you can find the full change-log:




  • Ready for some challenge? With this release we are bringing support for a new time-limited competition that will have 2 editions. Stay tuned for more info soon!
  • On Android devices, we added support to in-game announcements in Home screen.



  • In the auction list, we have added a new column to indicate the special abilities that some players have.


  • Fixed connection issues when some Managers were trying to sell their players.

  • Fixed the issue that some Managers couldn’t invite their Facebook friends to the game.

  • Fixed the issue where some Managers in Negotiations were unable to make an offer for their Friends’ players

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9 Responses to “New Update – 23 May”

  1. Rifqi Fausta Dianta says:

    What’s challange?

  2. Wojciech says:

    Is it normal for me to play in the fourth level and have a level 14 player in the league?

  3. Tiepo says:

    Hello, I have an answer. Why it does not show, witch player has given the most goals, the most played matches and so on. It was good info. thank you.

  4. Hùng says:

    Rubbish game. Non real and fair.

  5. Glasgow Rangers says:

    Don’t play it then

  6. Ni Gi says:

    New redeem code HASHTAG11 5 tokens

  7. Anu mode ?from reedem code

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