International Cup is finally ready and is gonna be the most excited tournament of the summer in Top Eleven!

International Cup is the equivalent of World Cup in real life and is a brand new tournament from Top Eleven.

This new competition is looking to please lots of managers requests from the past like, managing a secondary team, managing a national team and of course the chance to get involve and feel more the World Cup madness.


The rewards for this tournament can be pretty huge. Starting from couple of boosters if you finish in the group stages to some unique rewards like choosing up to 2 players from your national team for your Club Team and also an unique award, a star for your emblem.

The system is the same one like for the World Cup, 8 groups of 4 teams, 1 game between teams during the group stages on a neutral ground and then 1 game only for the elimination phase.

Make sure you keep your team always fit and be ready to win the ultimate competition!


  1. Hello ,
    I won the cup and by mistake I chose two players instead of three. how can i get the third one. Please help me.
    Sincerely Samuel

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