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Testing Mentalities (khris)

Top Eleven forum user “khris” sent us a video showing different mentalities and ways to play so we decided to share it with you.

Top Eleven – Alternative for Desktop

Because some players can’t run the new version of the game I’m here with two good alternatives for you!                                   

Transfer account between devices

A short guide about how can you transfer your team from a device to another or from Android to iOS and vice versa.              


Today I want to talk a bit about the free tokens offers because I know a lot of time you are not getting your rewards so maybe I have the solution for you.                                             […]

Top Eleven – OLD Version – 2016

Here is how you can access the old version of Top Eleven for all the platforms available so far.                                                 


Few hours ago we wrote about how you can play the old version on your iOS devices and somebody already asked us how you can play on Android devices. Well here is how you can play!       

Top Eleven – Old Version – iOS

Because there are still some people left with some old iOS devices and they still want to play the game but they can’t, I’ve prepared a short and easy guide about how you can access the old version of Top Eleven on your device.                         […]


This is your best Top Eleven guide if you want to play like PSG who’s dominating the football in France for half of decade now.

Enable Live Animated Match

I saw yesterday Top Eleven writing a sort tutorial about how to enable live animated matches and I decided to make a video.  

Negotiate Like A Pro

Everyday I see same question about the negotiation system: How to put my player on the negotiation list. Well let’s see how.

Why my players lost a star – Guide

The most common question we hear at the end of a season is “Why did my players lose their stars?”

Gifting official emblems and jerseys

You can’t send an official item in Top Eleven 2015? Read here and discover how you can send jerseys and emblems.

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