Christmas equal free tokens for all Top Eleven players thanks to the new redeem code that have been released today.

Finally after a long time Top Eleven decided to give us a new redeem code to win some tokens during holidays because that’s the spirit of Christmas.


TEDERBY – Is the new redeem code so be sure you will use it before it will expire.





This code have been released to celebrate the first derby between 2 teams that Top Eleven support which game you can watch it on YouTube on Spencer FC channel or just play the video  from below.

Lucky for me I managed to go in Biggleswade which is a lovely small city in UK and to attend at the game which also was pretty fun and full of goal so watch it because HashTag United actually made a good game and scored few beautiful goals.


Funny fact, one of the Biggleswade people gifted us a lovely beanie because outside was frozen and as always I was dressed to properly, only in a shirt because why not.


Also I made some pictures from there but I have no idea where I saved them so no chance to share them right now but I plan in 2017 to make another trip to Biggleswade and maybe try a live from there from our Facebook Page.


Regarding the redeem code if you don’t know how to add the code, just visit our special page for that and find out how to do it very quickly.


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44 Responses to “5 FREE TOKENS – REDEEM CODE”

  1. how
    to get me reedem code

    • Perspoliss says:

      Very easy. A complete description is available in the same site. Or connect to the YouTube app to watch training video. Thanks

  2. how to get the reedem code

  3. florin slaniceanu says:

    Thanks for this BUT check the server because don’t work this code for all server

  4. Budi says:

    Thanks for code,..Top Eleven is The Best.

  5. top says:

    Code not working. I insert the code and “this kode is wrong”

  6. Florin says:


  7. Luis says:

    It says service not available

  8. Zixko says:

    Wow I Get 5 Tokens….

  9. Kayode says:

    Thanks I got the tokens.
    I couldn’t find the code in the video. You saved me the stress.

  10. subham says:

    I can’t get any coins by tederdy

    • Administrator says:

      Very likely the code have been used by to many already or expired. As far as I am aware, the code had few million uses but is very likely to be overused as long is more then a month.

  11. Tural says:

    What is my redeem code?

  12. harishpodi2 says:

    Very nice please 5tokens free please

  13. Perspoliiss says:

    Please call your friend, I’ve used this code derby before Christmas. Is the second time I can I use it?

  14. Ashfak says:

    how to coins for free

  15. Perspoliiss says:


  16. Rui Faneca says:

    Meus códigos obrigado

  17. bikram says:

    expire for 2017.
    any new code ??

  18. bikram says:

    how to get token ?

  19. Boychott says:

    Nice game

  20. tbone says:

    I need slot of tokens can you help me please

  21. morten makrell says:

    need of tokens,thanx

  22. Sufyan says:

    What is the redeem code?

  23. Hi,where I founded my nordeus gift card number or code,please?!

  24. motibahd says:

    Please i have top eleven and i oulde like to receive the tocken please####

  25. Slav says:

    Expired 😐

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