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Top Eleven – Alternative for Desktop

Because some players can’t run the new version of the game I’m here with two good alternatives for you!                                   


PAOK and Top Eleven already have a long history together in the game but do you know all their jerseys?                          

Improving Trophy Room

I don’t know how important this is for you but for me is clearly a must and something that should be changed!                           


There’s always place for better in-game and what I expect next from the game is to improve the things we already have.       

Goodbye Associations

After two seasons of Associations I decided to gave up, to leave the Association I created and say goodbye, maybe permanent.                                                                     […]

Champions League +1 Level

Do you think that playing against higher level opponents in Champions League is fair?  Tell us your oppinion about this!              


Nothing is better then tokens and because of this we are offering 100 tokens to use them just as you please.                            

Play Like Manchester United

Manchester United with Mourinho as coach is promising to be the revelation of the season in EPL but would you like to play like them?                                                             […]

Top Eleven 2015 vs 2016

Right before 2016 I’ve wrote a long article about Top Eleven 2015, the improves that Top Eleven added to the new version of the game.                                                             […]

Transfer account between devices

A short guide about how can you transfer your team from a device to another or from Android to iOS and vice versa.              

7th of July – release

Nordeus released a new update for Top Eleven and in big lines is just about fixes but some of them are very good.                  

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