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Retro Jerseys – Euro 2016

When I’ve lost my hope in Top Eleven for Euro 2016 a spy deep inside Nordeus gave me some hits about their next move.       


Spain is playing tomorrow and how better you can show your support to them if not with wearing their colors and their flag!      

Orlova FC – Treble + GIFT

As I promised, I have a lot more gifts ready to share them with you and because we won the treble this season I have a special gift for you.                                                     […]

New Competition

It seems that a new competition is on the road and is something I asked for and promoted some time ago.                         

New Contests

Are you ready to win a lot of stuffs? Then just follow us! 

Associations – Pointing System

Because many of you have no idea from where the points come in Associations, I’ve prepared for you a special tutorial that will help you.                                                             […]


Because we don’t have any national teams from Euro 2016 or Copa América Centenario maybe it is the time to add some other new replicas in the game.                                                       […]

Associations – First review

Now that we finished with success our first experience in the Associations tournament is time for a quick review of our experience.                                                                   […]

Top Eleven – OLD Version – 2016

Here is how you can access the old version of Top Eleven for all the platforms available so far.                                                 

Top Eleven Wikipedia – Closed

Despite this is not new, I was surprised to see some people are still looking for this page and they can’t find it. Here’s why!   

How to delete Top Eleven Account

Maybe this isn’t something we should teach you but on the other side is your right to know what can you do if you are planning to delete your account.                                                   […]


Few hours ago we wrote about how you can play the old version on your iOS devices and somebody already asked us how you can play on Android devices. Well here is how you can play!       

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