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ST performance – Update

I’m not sure what’s going in the game recently but it’s super clearly that the strikers don’t perform as good as they should.          

New Training – Coming Soon | Part I

Not sure if you noticed but recently Top Eleven started to advertise on Facebook & Twitter about the new training system.        

Suggestion – New stadium designs

What do you think about the idea of having new designs for stadiums, something more unique and not just the basics ones.     

Special abilities – The secrets behind

Have you ever wondered what’s with these special abilities and how much do they help the managers during the live game? 

Win Orlova FC Premium Logo

We are ready to give away another item for free. This time I’m gonna offer the emblem of Orlova FC. Are you ready to win?    

Desktop vs Mobile version

Let’s take a look head to head to the current desktop version and mobile version to see which one of them is the best!      

Design your own Jersey or Emblem

What do you think about the old forum contests “Design your own Jersey” or “Design your own Emblem”, you liked them? 

Game Support – New System

Good news are coming from the support team who is working hard to improve the support experience for Top 11 players.        

Club Shop

At this moment if I could choose an word to express my opinion about the Club Shop feature will be for sure disappointed.       

Top Eleven – Original version

Have you ever wondered how was the game before all these updates and before Mourinho became the image of the game?    

Thank you!

This post is about the forum in general and not about the game but remains very important for all of you and also for me.     

Christmas Contest #4

Christmas and New Year might be over but not here because we still have one more contest so be ready to win the emblem.

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